Multi-cultural Arts
Toddler Program
"The preparation of the environment and of things [object in the environment] is the first external act of a deeper transformation which consists in leaving the child free to act according to his natural tendencies." -- Maria Montessori

The Children's House Toddler Program is designed for children aged eighteen months to three years. Peace, cheerfulness and love are encouraged in an environment that is not over- stimulating, among materials that are inviting because they are open-ended, and by caregivers that model these qualities in the tone of their voices, in the slow movement of their bodies and through their consistent response to curiosity about boundaries.

The children learn to care for themselves, to care for others, to care for their environment, and to communicate their needs appropriately. This program provides the groundwork so necessary for the transition into the primary classroom at age three.

The Toddler Program offers several scheduling options. Children 18 months-2 years may enroll on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; ages 2-3 years on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. A five day schedule is also available.

Daily Routine:
8:30 Early drop off option (additional fee)
9:00 Arrival
9:15 Individual work, snack
10:15 Outside play
11:00 Circle time 11:15 Lunch and free Play
12:00 Dismissal