Multi-cultural Arts
Summer Program
The Children's House Summer Program is an educational and recreational program that runs for two consecutive sessions. It includes exploration of the Montessori environment and materials in the classroom, with both indoor and outdoor activities revolving around nature themes. During previous summers in the 3-6 year old classroom, teachers and students have spent time discovering "fascinating facts" about butterflies, insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and bats, and New England sea life. We have been visited by special guests who share their knowledge about these topics and will enjoy projects, activities and special events to learn more about all of these creatures. Some thematic activities have included growing and caring for a butterfly garden, hatching butterflies, making bug and bird houses and ant farms, creating habitats for toads and tadpoles, witnessing the life cycle of frogs and trips to local nature spots.

We also use the summer as an opportunity to incorporate more music and art into our program. In past years we have learned about different artists and composers, and about how they created their unique work. We have learned about and experimented with art in the styles of Jackson Pollack, Diego Rivera, Monet, Celia Thaxter, Mary Cassatt, Van Gogh and others. We look forward to visits from local artists who help us explore the different art mediums - paint, paper, clay and fabric. Our creative juices really start to flow!

With the warm and sunny weather of summer, we try to enjoy the outdoors and our playground as much as possible, often planning a snack or picnic lunch outside. The children take pride and joy in caring for our berry bushes and flower and vegetable gardens. Other outdoor activities include water play in small swimming pools, bubble making, craft activities, sand castle building, and games - and of course, playing in our Children's House Castle!

The older children occasionally are taken on field trips. Past seasons' excursions have included trips to Fuller Rose Gardens, Odiorne Point Seacoast Science Center, Urban Forestry Center, Great Bay Estuary, the Rye Public Library, New Castle Commons, and local farms for berry picking.

The staff of the The Children's House are all looking forward to the joys of summer sunshine and adventure - and to spending days of fun, exploration, and learning with your children.

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