Multi-cultural Arts
Primary Program
The Children's House offers half-day Montessori classes for children ages 3-6. The Montessori philosophy encourages a five day schedule for children which allows fewer transitions in the child's week, and more time to become familiar with the classroom. In response to parent demand, we offer a limited number of four day spaces for 3 year old children.

The primary classrooms are warm, peaceful environments where children may learn at their own pace. The children have many responsibilities in caring for their environment, and develop affection and respect for their environment and others in the community. The Montessori model encourages the oldest children to model and teach the younger children. The result is a community of children with a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of self-direction that form a strong foundation for future growth. The Montessori classroom encourages concentrated, independent activity.

Daily routine:
Circle time
Small group French instruction
Individual work time
Clean up/circle time
Outdoor play

The Extended Day Program
The Extended Day Program is our third year program for Kindergarten aged children. The third year is a culminating year for the oldest children with many responsibilities and challenging "readiness" work. The children look forward to it with enthusiasm. This year provides an opportunity for true consolidation of all the skills they have acquired during the previous two years. The Extended Day children are often given leadership roles within the classroom which greatly enhances their developing sense of self. Subsequently, they can move forward into their elementary years with confidence.