Payment Schedule
Payment Schedule 2010-2011
Preschool Fees

AM Montessori Program 8:30-11:30 5 days $5300.00
AM Montessori Program 8:30-11:30 4 days $4800.00*
*limited spaces available for 3 year olds only

AM Mont. plus ED(kindergarten) 8:30-2:00 5 days $6450.00

AM Montessori plus After Care 8:30-2:00 5 days $6300.00
AM Montessori plus After Care 8:30-3:30 5 days $6750.00

AM Montessori plus full day care 7:30-5:30 5 days $6950.00

Toddler Fees

Morning Session
Early Drop Off
2 days $3300.00 $3450.00
3 days $3900.00 $4300.00
5 days $4700.00 $5450.00

Toddlers bring a lunch from home and eat before departing. Dismissal is between 11:15 and 11:40 a.m.

Flexible Care

Flexible Day Care is available to children who ordinarily stay until 2:00, or by permission of the director. Reservations should be made a day in advance pending available space. Flexible Care rates are $7.00 an hour. Half hours will not be pro-rated.

Additional Fees

There is a $25 fee due at the time of application for new students only. An Activity Fee is charged for each student at the beginning of the school year. This fee covers the cost of affiliation with the American Montessori Society, special programs, field trips, and parent group activities.

Toddler Activity Fee $155 per year
Preschool Activity Fee $185 per year
Extended Day Activity Fee $200 per year

***Separate fees for French lessons will apply***