The Montessori philosophy holds that the goal of the educational process is to assist each child in developing his or her innate potential to the fullest. In order to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual capacities, the child must have freedom - freedom achieved through order and self discipline.

The world is full of sights and sounds which at first appear chaotic. From this chaos, the child must gradually create order, and by learning to distinguish among the impressions that assail the senses, the child slowly gains mastery of himself or herself and of the environment.

The Montessori child is free to learn because he or she has acquired an inner discipline from exposure to both physical and mental order. This is the core of Maria Montessori's philosophy. Patterns of concentration, perseverance, and thoroughness, established in early childhood, produce a self-confident, creative learner in later years.

In brief, the Montessori approach is designed to help the child build the foundations for a lifetime of creative learning.